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Teresa Berreira
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Choosing the Right Partner for your Business's Digital Transformation

CEOs today are looking for partners who can act as enablers in this journey--who will help thrive, not just survive, the modern, digital world

What began as a chorus of top creative, technology, strategy, and communications firms proclaiming their authority in digital transformation a few years ago, has now turned into a deafening cacophony. While the market has been abuzz with this phenomenon for quite some time, most brands are just waking up to its full potential. However, companies must remember that transformation is not just about driving efficiency or reducing operating costs. It’s more about driving customer value and unlocking the sources of that value.

In an age where incremental increase is no longer sufficient, I feel there’s an urgent need for organisations to create exponential value. CEOs today are looking for partners who can act as enablers in this journey of transformation. Ones who can help them thrive, not just survive, in this modern, digital world.

That brings us to the obvious question: What do organisations need to look for in a digital business transformation (DBT) partner?


Forbes India

Publish Date

March 26, 2019


Teresa Barreira