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Consumer Products

Share of basket hinges on share of experience

Seize the Space in Consumer Products

Successful customer journeys require flexible, integrated processes and systems, but they also require a consistent brand experience. In an era of customer-centricity, it’s more important than ever for brands to build meaningful relationships with customers to stay top of mind. We bring a range of data, user experience and brand skills to ensure growth in a disruptive marketplace. 

Interactive Timeline

Innovation in the Consumer Products Industry

These historical inventions increasingly put the customer in the center of the product and purchase experience. But sometimes forging ahead means looking back at simpler times. Are today’s customers pining for the days of the milkman? Have CP firms adapted as quickly as technology has advanced? Many firms still have a ways to go to leverage today’s digital ecosystem to connect directly with consumers. 

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Hear from our CP experts on unlocking what's next in your digital transformation

Top of Mind
When customers lose brand affinity, how do you rethink the experience?
“Digital disruption requires reimagining what brands sell, taking ownership of the intelligence that drives purchasing decisions and fostering a diverse culture that promotes cutting-edge thinking and action.”
Alyssa Altman
Consumer Products Lead
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Consumer Products at a Crossroads
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Consumer Products at a Crossroads
Brands face an existential challenge: reinvent themselves as “experience brands” or become mere commoditized product providers.
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Our Better How

Business Reimagined

Dramatic shifts in people’s buying behaviors require fundamental changes. We work with clients to explore innovations in routes-to-market, supply chain optimization and sustainable value through revenue and data.

A person pushing a shopping cart

Holistic Brand Experiences

The increased pressure to be top-of-mind with customers is redefining shopping. We help brands transform from product-centric advertisers and manufacturers to consumer-centric experience providers.


Intelligent Connections

While once a brand’s competitive advantage, critical data is now monopolized by the competition. Tomorrow’s success hinges on the acquisition of meaningful data to activate deeper consumer connections. We bring experience and engineering capabilities together with machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to drive intelligent marketing, commerce and business results.


Total Commerce

Retailers are increasingly becoming competitors to producers. We work with brands to build total commerce strategies and solutions that establish direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses and win with eRetailers.

Experience Engineering

High-performing online brand experiences that work across multiple channels require a mastery of creativity, marketing, media, advertising, data and technology. We help our clients use real-time insights to develop measurable strategies that deliver results through connected digital experiences. 

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Agility at Scale

New competitors and increased margin pressure mean brands need to future-proof their organization. We use the best of DevOps and Lean to create a truly agile working environment that delivers results in real time at global scale.

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