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Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Focus business models around the customer

Seize the Space in Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Companies currently face a multitude of pressures—5G, mergers, big data—as they try to strengthen their brands and uncover new sources of revenue. Companies who evolve into innovative platforms and build an agile culture will deliver data-powered experiences and achieve stronger online and offline engagement that are tailored to customers’ unique needs.

Top of Mind
As industries, business models and enterprises converge, how can telecommunications companies effectively attract, engage and retain customers?
“By embracing AI, machine learning and other emerging cognitive technologies, telecommunications companies can personalize, predict and optimize experiences to create smarter and more meaningful connections.”
Ronald Shamah
Telecommunications, Media & Technology Lead
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Our Better How

Smart Network

Customers need to be at the heart of the network to achieve business growth. As an organization born with a digital, customer-centric mindset, we help our telecommunications clients create brand experiences that are personal, predictive and frictionless.

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Product & CX Innovation

Established data and content structures can limit the ability of companies to become customer-first. We help clients evaluate their organization and customer simultaneously to turn customer needs and wants into compelling new products, services and experiences that drive network profitability.

Enterprise AI

Supporting enterprise functions with artificial intelligence requires an understanding of where it can truly add value. Our machine learning and AI proven practices help clients identify opportunities, assess readiness and discover the best AI solutions faster.

Customer Data Platforms

Competition is driving greater investment in customer relationships and data is at the heart of this play. We help clients move beyond organizational silos to execute data strategies across the enterprise that personalize engagement and become more predictive around customer needs and business opportunities.

Post-Merger & Partner Integrations

With mergers and collaborations on the rise, organizations need to quickly drive differentiation and signal the value being driven from these efforts. We help clients create nimble, open infrastructures that enable transformation at scale to support new and evolving business strategies.

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