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Advance patient outcomes

Seize the Space in Health

Innovations in business models and algorithmic medicine can radically improve clinical care efficiencies and outcomes. Critical decisions can be made faster and with greater accuracy, and patients can be supported in proactively improving their health. Health leaders need to capitalize on these opportunities to strengthen their brands and offerings.

Top of Mind
What will the next-generation patient experience look like?
“Technologies that sense and capture the patient’s clinical context in real time will create faster, better-informed healthcare decisions and delivery. This change will be transformative for the patient and health provider.”
Tim Lawless
Tim Lawless
Global Health Lead
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Our Better How

Patient Engagement & Loyalty

Patient satisfaction and loyalty will rise as value-based models replace fee-for-service. Our clinical, marketing and technology expertise enables us to help clients drive patient engagement, improve conversions and encourage efficient repeat interactions.  

Patient Support & Care Delivery

Technology advances and the use of data are radically changing how patients are cared for and supported. We help our clients develop new models that deliver optimal care and monitor patient health using proven service design, data management and actionable, quality content.

Self-Service & Automation

Many traditional processes and systems make it difficult to find doctors, schedule appointments and manage bills and claims. We draw on our user experience, engineering, data and artificial intelligence expertise to build new, digital platforms that allow patients to interface with their providers and better manage their healthcare. 

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