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Travel & Hospitality

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Leading travel and hospitality brands must exceed traveler expectation through seamless digital experience and consistent service or be left behind. Brands who adapt their business models, operations, systems and culture will unlock opportunities and forge lasting customer relationships based on personalization and engaging experiences. 

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What’s the future of the in-hotel concierge experience?
“Seamless integrated experiences across kiosk, TV, voice and mobility-activated devices have transformed the guest hotel journey from lobby to room. We are excited to see how technology can further improve the service proposition and find new ways to improve the guest experience.”
Sooho Choi
Travel & Hospitality Lead
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Our Better How

Data-Driven Enterprise

Data has quickly become the lifeblood of the next generation travel and hospitality industry. For many, however, data remains a challenge as it sits across systems and organizational silos. We help our clients simplify the solution by defining the technology, tools and architecture to unlock data and deliver smart anticipation of guest needs at every touchpoint. 

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Cognitive Service & Connected Experience

The heart of hospitality is built on a foundation of service between a host and their guest. Mobile and voice offer travel and hospitality brands new meaningful ways to communicate with their guests. We bring our expertise in artificial intelligence and customer experience design to create experiences that enable emotional connections and intelligent learning over time.  

Redefining Loyalty

Customers admit to actively using only two or three of the 10 or more loyalty programs they subscribe to. As a result, many struggle to identify unique ways to reward customers for their behavior and demonstrate business results. We help brands reimagine loyalty programs and systems to drive desired customer behaviors and achieve positive business outcomes.


Innovation in Operations

Hospitality brands continue to strive for operational excellence to improve efficiency and reduce cost. We help map end-to-end services and apply our engineering processes and technologies to help teams achieve operational agility and speed across their operations.

Enterprise Engineering Transformation

Travel companies were early technology innovators, but today many are still stuck with decade-old technology that limits their ability to innovate and adds cost. We help companies build digital experiences across front, middle and back-office systems with the use of DevOps and Lean practices to deliver results in real time and get solutions to market faster.


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Future of Destination

To compete today, the hotel, cruise, resort and casino destination requires a magical experience that fuses innovation and service design excellence. We help our clients reimagine the destination experience by integrating voice, AI, facial recognition and other emerging technologies to ensure all touchpoints deliver a memorable and consistent brand experience.

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